FMP refinement

FMP.pngThis is the image I had planned to use as my final piece but it didn’t take me long to realise that more was too much, so I took a step backwards as the slightly more simple image that is below looks much better. This is something I need to keep in mind for the future, less is sometimes more.BIYP


Artist research: David Welker


This image is from a magazine named Juxtapoz, I thought I could go for it and research this as magazines are something I don’t show interest in, but very clearly I should as I must say this illustration is beautiful. I’m interested in this illustration because i find the cold colours work well together because it gives the fish a marine or aquatique style.

Artist research: Salvador Dali

download (1).jpeg

Dali is an artist I felt the need to research as he is one of the only artists that inspires me, even though I try to get out there and discover new artists, my interests in them are very minimal and that is why Dali is special to me. His style of art is absoluetly insane, the way he has done this painting is in a very strange style that gives it a weird feel to it,and to me, the paintings that make you feel thing(in good or bad)are the ones you should keep in mind and in my case, research. As much as i love this painting in particular, the movement of surrealism in general is a style of art that i find very interesting, it is completely crazy and does not look normal.

Artist research

Munch, The scream

this image is very inspiring to me as it is full of movement and feeling as it has a very wavy texture to it, so I though I would also try and do a painting with this sort of style or at least something similar to it, using splashes of colours. This painting has all the elements that are hard to get on photoshop, like the livliness which is why I have researched this artist to try and include them as much as possible. The image at the bottom is my work using some of Monks techniques to give the painting life.




Just trying out some other media to see how it looks, and its rather nice actually, the really bright vivid colours from photoshop are not here but you do get a lot more movement and flow from the paint brush strokes. It looks much more alive and i also like the unclear lines that give it a sort of sketchy look.